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Dedicated Sky 3D Channel to be Cancelled… What will it be replaced with?

UK broadcaster Sky has confirmed that it will be closing its dedicated 3D channel next month.

Following a decline in interest from TV viewers, Sky has decided to pull the plug to the dedicated 3D channel. From June 9th, customers wanting to access Sky’s 3D content will only be able to do so via its on-demand channels. The broadcaster says it will still make available 3D versions of movie titles via its On-Demand service, but no longer feels the need for a dedicated channel. Sky ploughed huge amounts of money into 3D acquisition at the start of the last 3D boom, but consumer interest failed to sustain the technology.

But what does this mean for consumers. With the removal of one channel leaves additional space for more new, will this be Ultra High Definition (4K), only time will tell. All we know is Sky have been scurrying around behind closed doors testing the new technology ready for a possible rumoured Christmas launch.


Sky is still refusing to announce its plans

Sky still won’t say if it has a 4K service arriving soon, in spite of its newly-acquired German service admitting that it will launch a Ultra HD channel later this year.

While that doesn’t definitively prove that Sky UK will, it does at least mean there will be content coming from Europe – like football – already in the format.

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