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You can’t compromise on safety and that’s why we always ensure that we can offer you the ultimate in home security. Each of our systems is tailored to suit your home and your individual needs.

When it comes to home security it’s especially important to know that you’re working with professionals; you need to know that your putting your safety in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

This is something you can always rely on with iHomes Cheshire. We combine our years of experience and industry knowledge with the finest equipment and systems from some of the biggest brands in the world, like ELAN, Samsung & Optex, to make sure that we always deliver secure, reliable and stylish systems. When you work with us, you can always be supremely confident that our team will provide you with great service and the best possible security systems. Peace of mind is fitted as standard.

Optex Redscan Laser Detection

The Optex REDSCAN is an award-winning laser sensor that can detect objects, vehicles and people within a 30m radius, analyse their size, speed and distance and track them across camera views and detection zones.

Day/night settings (RLS-3060SH)
Users can define and apply different detection settings for selected areas and apply different rules using the area masking /allocating functions. It allows the user to make some detection areas active during the day and others during the night using the software provided.

Redscan Day and Night Settings (RLS-3060SH)

Loitering Detection (RLS-3060SH)
The REDSCAN will pick up suspicious loitering behavior, by monitoring if a person is staying longer than the pre-set time in the detection area.

Loitering Detection (RLS-3060SH)

Flexible area-masking (RLS-3060SH)
Users can define non-detection areas using the new REDSCAN area masking functionality.

Flexible area-masking (RLS-3060SH)

Easy “define and allocate” detection areas (RLS-3060SH)
The new “define and allocate” functionality enables users to create a number of independent detection areas to match their requirements and needs. Each area can be defined per 30cm2.

Easy -define and allocate- detection areas (RLS-3060SH)

Wall and fence-top protection (RLS-3060SH and RLS-3060L)
The REDSCAN will detect intruders climbing over a fence or a wall by creating a detection area on top of it.

Redscan Wall and Fence Top Detection

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